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26 mars 2006, pfelelep

la version 2.2 est sortie. Le changelog :

Version 2.2 is finally done, with some highly requested features, and some performance tweaks.

Note : I forgot to update the version number displayed in the About dialog, so it still read 2.1. I fixed that, and fixed the installer so it doesn’t get confused if you have an earlier version installed. I didn’t think this was worth bumping the version number for, so it’s still 2.2.

Network support : Network support has finally arrived ! I haven’t done a lot of testing on this yet, but it should work for both mapped drives and UNC paths. But I would be surprised if it worked perfectly with all networks. Once you browse a network share once, the cache will maintain a connection to it. If the connection goes down, the cache is lost, and will regenerate.

Limited user support : Folder Size will finally display for all you non-Administrators. Note that Folder Size displays full size information to all users, regardless of their file permissions. So other users will be able to see the size of your hidden pr0n even if you’ve disabled their permissions.

Translations : Yes, Folder Size now includes translations to French, German, Italian, and Traditional and Simplified Chinese ! These translations have been submitted by users who volunteered, so many thanks to all of them. Let me know if the translations can be improved or send me translations into new languages.

The translated text should be automatically shown if it’s running on the same language version of Windows. If no translation is available for that language, you get English (I think, no testing).

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