Presentation of Framasoft

From the educational world and now turned towards popular education, Framasoft is above all a network of projects, of which the first, directory, dates back to 2001.

These projects are run by people working together with the same desire: promote digital freedoms.

Respect for the fundamental freedoms of users, guaranteed by legal contracts (the free licenses), is at the heart of the librist movement and ensures that the human remains in control of the digital tool.

The Framasoft’s goal is to offer, mainly online, a set of concrete and practical tools to facilitate adoption:

  • of free software (directory, USB sticks, installer…);
  • of free cultural creations (blog, translation, publishing house…);
  • of free services (more than 30 free services in the project De-google-ify Internet).

Presented as a "gateway to the Free World", the network Framasoft wants to position itself as a bridge between the librarian community and the general public.

Infography Le monde de Framasoft made by Geoffrey Dorme, Creative Commons By-SA 4.0

The Framasoft association

The network Framasoft relies on its large community of volunteers but could not exist if it wasn’t supported by an association founded in 2004.

The Framasoft association is a 1901 non-profit association whose character of general interest authorizes a tax deduction. Which shows its willingness to stay an association on a human scale (less than forty members, less than ten permanent staff)

You will find below some information including our statutes, the rules of procedure and the annual moral reports.

Administrative and practical data

Legal form
Association law of 1901, recognized of general interest
Benjamin Jean, Sandra Guigonis, Christelle Thomas, Fredéric Urbain
Director and Managing Director
Pierre-Yves Gosset
Registration of the association
2004 (Statutes of the association) (Internal Regulations)
8 employees
Lyon, France
Association supporting free and contributing projects
Full identification
See the file
Main projects
Contributopia - De-google-ify Internet
Charter of the association and its services
Moral reports
registration and archives
Press and media review
Annual table
Graphic charter and logos
on this page
Banners - Valued volunteerism
Alexis Kauffmann, Paul Lunetta, Georges Silva