We want to raise awareness about the impact of digital technology on our lives, and show that alternatives to the web giants exist. It is possible to have a healthy and serene use of the Internet, while respecting our data and our personal lives!

Free and Emancipating Digital Tools

De-googl-ify Internet

Online services that respect our integrity, our privacy? From videoconferencing to diaries to discussion lists, Framasoft opens these (free) services to more than a million beneficiaries every month.


Framaspace’s objective is to enable associations and activist groups to use digital spaces for sharing and working in line with their values. This ambitious project will be carried out in several stages over the next 3 years.

Development of free and decentralised software


PeerTube (alternative to Youtube) is a free and federated software that not only allows to view, publish and interact with videos but also to create its own video platform. Independent, free and federated platforms are possible!


Mobilizon (an alternative to Facebook events and groups) makes it easy to organize events and meetings. Mobilizon is not a social network, and does not emphasize egos, and that’s really nice!


Yakforms is the software that runs our online forms service Framaforms. Developed by Framasoft, we no longer have the energy to maintain it and hope that a community will soon take it over to give it a new lease of life!


Framadate is also the name of the software (developed by Framasoft) behind the Framadate mini-survey service. Our flagship service is getting old and making changes to the software is proving to be complex. We are therefore thinking about its future regularly!

Democratizing free software


Framalibre is a directory presenting free software and free culture in general. The writing of the records is community based (like Wikipedia): all users are encouraged to create, improve and modify the records, to enrich the directory!


The contrib’ateliers are workshops where you are invited to contribute to free projects, even (and especially) if you don’t know how to code. Our association is working to make sure that these Contrib’ateliers develop everywhere in France, and even online with the Confin’ateliers!


We often contribute to the code of software we use. We have, among others, worked on Sympa (Framalistes – group emails), Nextcloud (Framadrive and Framagenda – storage, synchronisation, contacts calendar…) or Framadate (alternative to Doodle)…