We like to use the notion of archipelago in reference to our relationships with others Each one is an island with its own identity and bathes in the same waters as its neighbours, and that speaks to us a lot:

“Each⋅e its identity, its culture, its reason for being, its objectives, its means. But we all share the same values and strategies. We make the choice to cooperate, even occasionally.”

Involvement in collectives

CHATONS collective

This collective gathers Alternative Hosting which, everywhere in France (and even beyond), offer online services that can be trusted. Framasoft leads this collective and accompanies its growth in order to make it autonomous.

L.A. Coalition

L.A. Coalition is a collective of activist associations for progress and social justice. It aims to promote and defend Associative Freedom. Framasoft helps and advises the collective on its digital tools and uses.

Joint projects with other organisations


Emancip’Asso is an ambitious project whose objective is to allow associations to find actors able to accompany them in their “deGAFAMisation”. The project is designed in partnership with Animafac and co-piloted by various organisations.

ECHO Network

Ethical, Commons, Human & Open-source Network is a European project led by 7 partners in 5 European countries. The aim? To exchange on the difficulties, opportunities and ways to accompany the public that our associations serve towards a digital transition.

Support for actions whose values we share


To count the hours of voluntary work in an association under the law of 1901 (and to open rights to training, etc.), it is out of the question to use a proprietary software! Framasoft participates in the collective that develops and improves the free software Bénévalibre.

Métacartes « Numérique Éthique »

Metacards are (physical) card games where each card is augmented by (digital) resources. Framasoft contributed to the production of the game “Numérique Éthique” which facilitates mediation towards healthier and more serene digital practices.


Pytition is a software that allows you to create an online petition platform. It was developed by the association Résistance à l’Agression Publicitaire. Framasoft supports Pytition in many ways, with the aim of seeing a general public version born.

Various supports

Framasoft regularly makes its expertise and resources available to other initiatives and collectives. We can mention, for example, Exodus Privacy,, InterHOP, Datagueule, Contribulle, Thunderbird, Entrée Libre, la Bataille du Libre, Animafac, CEMÉA,, Resnumerica, Designers éthiques, Hubikoop, etc