Popular Education

Framasoft claims to be part of the popular education movement: it is together that we develop our knowledge and share our points of view in order to improve society!

Sharing experience


The members of Framasoft regularly take part in events: workshops, webinars, conferences, film-debates… We share our observations, fears and hopes about digital technology and the world it shapes.


It is on the Framablog that Framasoft expresses itself the most: press reviews, announcements of the association, interviews, pamphlets, news of the Free Software world… We try to open the Framablog to multiple forms of writing and to various guests.


Framasoft almost never seeks the attention of the media, because it's a lot of work! However, we regularly respond to invitations to share our views on the centralisation of the web or on emancipatory digital practices.

Sharing knowledge


The Université Populaire Libre, Ouverte, Autonome, et Décentralisée aims to contribute (on our scale) to making society more just and our world more liveable, by focusing on the training of citizens by citizens.

Des Livres en Communs

Des Livres en Communs is shaking up the codes of publishing by proposing, following a call for projects, a grant to authors upstream of the writing process, and then a publication of the book under an open licence. The first book is currently being created.


This online and autonomous course is open to anyone who wants to move towards a shared digital emancipation. The first module “Internet, why and how to take back control” compiles our knowledge on the internet, the toxic hegemony of GAFAM and ways out.

Making information accessible


We are working with peer.tube to create a PeerTube showcase with interesting and quality videos. See you in 2023 to see the progress of the project!


From the general documentation of the services we host to the specific documentation of the software we develop (PeerTube, Mobilizon, Yakforms)… Every year, Framasoft writes, maintains and updates many lines of text!


The digital world sometimes excludes non-English speakers. That's why Framalang – a self-managed working group – translates English articles, websites and books into French. The translations are then published on the Framablog.

Other occasional actions

Directory of digital mediation

In 2020, Framasoft published a directory of free digital support. This “snapshot” lists many profiles, from volunteers of digital integration associations to professionals of free software training.

Memo for (free!) telework

Framasoft practices teleworking on a daily basis and uses many free tools to do so. The confinement of 2020 made us want to share our experience on the subject (even if it doesn't mean we have all the answers!).


[RESOLU] is a guide composed of practical sheets to help social economy structures to adopt free and ethical digital solutions. Co-constructed with the CEMÉA movement, this guide can be modified, improved and distributed freely.